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RCN CableCARD Customers

You received a message with instructions to visit this page to provide some information to keep your cable running smoothly. Questions? Take a look at our FAQs. Thanks for taking time to help us serve you better!

Please follow the steps below. The whole process should only take a minute or two.


Turn your TV on to channel 994. Your CableCARD information will be listed on this channel for a limited time.

See an image of what the information should look like on your TV

What if I do not see any information when I go to that channel?


Please enter your account number as it appears on your bill.

RCN Account Number: *

What's my account number?


Enter the following information as it appears on your TV screen and then click the ‘Submit’ button. Fields marked with * are required.

Cable Card ID: *

Host ID: *

Data: *

Card S/N: *

* Required fields    


What information does RCN need?

The four pieces of information that are needed are listed below and can be located on channel 994.

Why does RCN need this information?

RCN requires this is information in order to keep your cable TV services up-to-date.

Where can I find this information?

On channel 994. Click here to see an image of what the information will look like on your screen.

What happens if I do not provide RCN with this information?

Activating your CableCARD will ensure you are receiving all of the digital channels and digital features you subscribe to. If you do not provide this information to RCN, your CableCARD will remain inactive and you may not be receiving all of the digital channels on your TiVo box or your program guide will not be kept up-to-date. We want you to have the best experience possible. Updating this information takes only a few minutes but if you need assistance at any time, click here to contact us or please call 1-800 RING-RCN (1-800-746-4726).

What if I do not see any information when I go to that channel?

If you do not see any information, please confirm you have your tv turned to channel 994. If you are on the correct channel and do not see the information, please call 800-746-4726 for assistance.

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