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Chris Michael

Winter Regular Season Recaps

We’ve reached the end of the scholastic regular season and the first wave of playoffs for many of the winter sports teams in the RCN-TV viewing area in Eastern Pennsylvania. The EPC championships were a battle for both the Bethlehem Catholic and Allentown Central Catholic boys and girls teams, which each contest going down to the wire. The Colonial League games were closer than the final score would indicate, although both Southern Lehigh girls and Bangor boys teams had a much easier time in capturing their titles. It was the third straight league championship for the Spartans, while … [Continue Reading ...]

Chris Michael

Reality Check-Winter ’18 Edition

People who know me well will readily admit that I am not an "I told you so" type of guy.  I try not to be too outspoken and limit my opinions and predictions on the "SportsTalk" show to a minimum. And, despite playing the trumpet for 15 years, I rarely blow my own horn. But every once in a while, as a representative of our TV sports show and the one responsible for creating the blog entry here each week, I do feel a certain obligation to speak up, point out facts and predictions and defend some of the hard work by the many people we are blessed to have work with us on the "SportsTalk" … [Continue Reading ...]

Gary Laubach

The Final Whistle

The parade down Broad Street is complete; the merchandise is purchased; the accolades continue; and Eagles fans will be boasting for at least another ten months or more (for some, the rest of their lives). From a local perspective, I guess the NFL season could not have ended any better (except for the many Steelers and Vikings fans in our area). Without question, NFL football is still the most watched weekly sporting event in all of television. Adding to that interest, there are, according to estimates, over 32 million fantasy football players, and billions of dollars are added to the … [Continue Reading ...]