First Time Voicemail Set-up

  1. Setting up voice mail for the first time must be done from your RCN line.
  2. Press *98 and follow the entrance tutorial.
  3. The tutorial states: “Welcome to Subscriber services. First, I would like to walk you through some things we need to do to set up your account.”
  4. You’ll have to: (1) Change your pin and (2) Record your name.
  5. Set up a greeting that will be played to your callers.

NOTE: You may skip the first-time set up once by pressing the * key twice, but after skipping it once, you must complete all three steps the next time you call in. You can also end the set-up process at any point by ending the call. If you do so, you are asked to complete the remaining set-up steps the next time you enter your mailbox.