Getting Started with
Home Phone Service from RCN

Always reach a friendly voice thanks to unlimited, local, regional and nationwide calling from home.

Home Phone Shortcuts

Quick Guide to Favorite Features

Whether you’re stepping out for a minute or a month, never miss an important call with 17 popular, time-saving features.

3-Way Calling Flash-Hook Flash-Hook
Anonymous Call Rejection *77 *87
Call Forward *72 *73
Call Return *69 *89
Repeat Call *66 *86
Speed Call *75 Replace Number
Selected Call Acceptance *64 *84
Call Block *60 *80

Using RCN Voicemail

No More Answering Machine

Receive up to 20 messages that are saved for 30 days or until deleted.

Never Miss an Important Call

Caller ID on RCN TiVo

Never Miss an Important Call

If you have RCN Digital Phone and TiVo® service from RCN, you can now get Caller ID on your TV. Simply turn on the feature and you’ll see the name and phone number of incoming calls on your main TV.

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