SMTP Authentication

Safeguard the delivery of your emails

SMTP authentication helps to minimize issues sending email using email software. It helps to ensure email sent from the RCN network is from legitimate customers and not spammers, therefore reducing SPAM. This change will safeguard the delivery of your future emails so they reach their intended recipient.

How to make this change

We’re here to help. If you use email software such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Windows Mail or MAC (Apple) Mail (for example), you will need to ensure you are ready for this change. It’s simple and easy and only takes a few moments.

It’s easy and we’re here to help

The most common email software is listed below. Click on the one you are currently using for instruction on how to enable SMTP authentication.

If the email software you are using today is not listed below, a quick web search is all you need. Open a new page in your browser and search “how do I enable SMTP authentication”.

Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook Express MAC (Apple) mail Thunderbird

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