BKB - Big Knockout Boxing PPV


A new fight is breaking out. Unlike boxing, BKB takes place in a circular pit—half the size of a boxing ring—forcing the combatants together for faster, harder-hitting and more exciting bouts. Because there are only five 2-minute rounds, explosive action erupts from the opening bell with no need for the fighters to pace themselves. Without ropes or corners, the pit gives fighters nowhere to hide from their opponent. Plus, BKB rules reward offense and aggression while penalizing defense. To fuel the excitement, the crowd surrounds the pit from above, with no barrier between them and the action. Brace yourself.


By phone
  • Call 1.800.746.4726
  • Say "Pay-Per-View" at the main menu
  • Select "BKB" within the PPV menu
  • Confirm your selection

By remote

Tune in to the channel of the event

  • For HD channel 910 everywhere; in Lehigh Valley, channel 1955
  • For SD, channel 911 everywhere; in Lehigh Valley channel 1956
  • Press B to order "BKB"

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