What’s For Dinner?

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“What’s for dinner?” These are words that no longer are spoken in my house. And I get it. It seems like the next meal is on the mind of every male while when and what we eat is the very last thing on the mind of the household female. And since the pandemic is forcing the two conflicting thoughts together almost all the time, the man better be careful if he is about to ask this question.

In more normal times, the question could easily be answered by suggesting we go out for a meal of our choosing. Menus are good for that and I miss that. A restaurant offers choices and we do not have to eat the same thing. It’s the way the world should run.

So, besides not being able to go out to eat, I began to ponder some of the things I am missing because of this self-quarantining edict:

I miss WORK. Technically, I am still working and I did spend this past week putting together a football schedule that I can only hope will be meaningful. I was supposed to spend this past week crowning District XI baseball champions. I have already missed broadcasting the EPC semifinals and championship games. I have missed a Blue Mountain League game or two. I should have hosted a red carpet gathering for Good Shepherd’s Gala in the Garden and emceed the Lafayette Pardees, which honor all of the Lafayette senior athletes, but none of those events occurred. There is something comforting about following a routine and discomforting about a nonexistent one.

I miss PLANNING. I like to be organized and usually have a good idea what the next day, next week, and the next month have in store. I like to know when a special occasion (a concert, a game, a golf tournament, etc.) is coming. You know, the things we look forward to. There are none on the list right now. I like to know where my next vacation will be and now I cannot name three places (hard pressed to name one) I would feel comfortable visiting. There just is not any solid future that requires a safe plan.

I miss GETTING TOGETHER WITH FRIENDS AND FELLOW WORKERS. It has always been easy to pass leisure time with just a phone call inviting someone over or suggesting a visit to their home. Now everyone is leery having “strangers” in their home and vice versa. Socializing at work is a fundamental way to hear new ideas, get new perspectives, and exchange thoughts on the world. We still keep tabs on family with social distancing visits, but extending that circle has not been socially acceptable for a while.

I miss SHOPPING. Yes, I like to shop. And by shopping, I mean wandering around a store that offers up clothes, furniture, golf equipment, and even food. Ordering online is not part of my DNA quite yet. I have done it during the shutdown and find it amazingly convenient, but it still confines me to my computer and my office. I want OUT!!

I miss CASINOS. Actually, not having a casino to run off to within fifteen minutes of the house is a good thing. I, like almost everyone else, normally lose, so the closure of this form of entertainment has certainly created some positive cash flow. But, it is a form of entertainment both my wife and I enjoy. My balance sheet is on the rise, but there is little to spend the money on (note the items above this one).

As I finish this yearning for the world to return to normal, I can only wonder, “What’s for dinner?” I can only wonder because, believe me, I am not stupid enough to ask.


1. There were a number of announcements this week concerning the Lehigh Valley high school sports scene: Darnell Braswell was named the new Allen basketball coach; Marlon Randall will be the new Dieruff basketball coach; and Randy Atiyeh will be the new Allen athletic director. I do not know Coach Randall yet, but I look forward to meeting him. I know the other two and they are great selections.

2. It is hard to celebrate the new hires without reflecting on those who are being replaced. Allen AD Scott Cooperman and head basketball coach Doug Snyder were the embodiment of all an employer, fan, and parent would want for their child. They did things the right way. They will be missed and I will certainly miss them. I wish them the best in their retirement.

3. In my last two blogs, I was really optimistic about the return, in some form, of MLB baseball. Players are being asked to agree to even further pay cuts than they previously agreed to. Scott Boras, who is the agent for many of the high-priced players, is recommending the players not do it. He blames ownership for their financial difficulties. Perhaps, there will be no baseball. No players = no games.

4. It looks like the NBA will be back to finish out an abbreviated season, followed by playoffs or just go straight to playoffs… The general consensus is that the games would be played at the Disney Complex in Orlando.

5. I am optimistic we will have a high school and a Lafayette football season in some forms or another. Locations might present a problem with Whitehall, Easton, and Emmaus all having construction issues so sites might present some unique challenges. Stay tuned.

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