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Below is a blog I wrote last year.  Since my feelings have not changed, it is still quite appropriate so I have decided to repeat it again
with some additions in italics because of 2020:

I heard two sentences this week that really hit home.  The words were even more poignant since this is Thanksgiving week.  

The first sentence came from a gentleman in his ‘80’s.   He said, “Growing old is good”.  I thought about that since I am getting up there or, as my younger friends constantly remind me, I have already gotten there.  It is good.  Every day is a new challenge but every day is welcomed.

Sunday night on 60 Minutes, a former NFL player who now suffers from ALS said that when others listen to his optimistic outlook despite being diagnosed with a shortened life, they very often end their encounter with him by saying, “God bless you”.  His response is always the same, “He already has”.

For some reason, these two sentences meant a great deal to me.  I know I often try to fill these pages with sports stories, but not this week.  I have plenty to be thankful for.  I, along with many others, I’m sure, rarely verbalize it.  Since I have this venue, this is as good a time as any to say “Thank you”.

Thanks to my wife of 57 years.  She has always been my rock.  I’m not so sure about me.  People who know me and then see her often say to her “You must be a Saint”.  I can tell you she is.  These past eight months have added to her sainthood resume.

Thanks to my children and grandchildren.  For my wife, Luba and I, they are our pride and joy.  They are all successful, caring, and nice people.  And they are happy.  What more could any parent or grandparent want?  Maybe getting together for Thanksgiving, but we all decided not to do it this year.

Thanks to RCN.  My occupational ventures have taken me from the classroom to the broadcasting booth.  The ride has been spectacular.  I started with Twin-County, stayed on with C-Tec, and continue the journey with RCN.  Vocationally, it is the best time of my life and the company continues to allow this guy to represent them in public.  I really appreciate that.  The company deserves special thanks this year – they have kept us all safe and employed.  They have allowed us to adapt to the new “normal” and, in doing so, have kept serving our customers with the highest standards.

Thanks to the viewers.  They are appreciative.  They complain when we do not games, but even that is a compliment in a way.  And when they offer criticism, we take it to heart and try to get better.

Thanks to the athletic directors, the coaches, and the statisticians.  This job would be a nightmare without their help.  Luckily they ALL help.  This Corona year has made their jobs even more of a nightmare, but they got through the ever-changing fall season by always looking out for the safety and well-being of the student-athletes under their domain.

Thanks to the student-athletes.  If you want to feel and stay young, hang around young people.  I know every time I interview a Lafayette student, I come away thinking these are the citizens who will fix the world.  I truly feel badly for all the athletes whose seasons were curtailed, postponed, or eliminated this past year.  Health priorities took precedence as they should have, but many memories cannot be captured.  Hopefully, we are all stronger and healthier because of those decisions.

Special thanks to the RCN television team.  There are so many workers (and, boy, do they work) who run the wires, set up the cameras, the audio, the graphics, and the booths for every game only to tear it down and do it all over again many times each week.  This year was like no other forcing us to adapt to a new way of doing things.  Due to the ingenuity of the RCN crew, we were able to bring you sports with a team that took every precaution to stay safe, even having us announce games without actually being at the event.  It wasn’t the same, but it worked. 

Thanks to Kristin Vitovitch and congratulations to her.  She recently was given a well-deserved promotion in our HR Department.  I have lost a valuable partner, but am ecstatic that her talents continue to be recognized! You go, girl!!

Thanks to Joanne G.  She has to read and edit this blog every week.  So at least I know one person has read it and corrected it.  She keeps me out of trouble and I thank her for that and feel a little sorry for her.  This is my 400th blog – 400th!  She continues to be my first line of defense from making a fool of myself.

Making this list felt good.  And, to review, – , “Growing old is good” and God has blessed me.

 Happy Thanksgiving to you!  


  1. The high school football season could not have had a better game to finish off this crazy year.  I hope you watched the FreedomNazareth game on Friday night.  Nazareth won their second straight 6A championship by a 37-29 score, but Freedom fought to the very end with an interception by Nazareth in the end zone ending the game.  Both teams deserve praise for their efforts.

  2. What has happened to Penn State football?  Iowa beat them this past Saturday 41-21 and they dropped to 0-5 for the first time ever.  They have allowed 30 or more points in every game this year and the offense looks just as bad.  Blue and White fans will not be pleased with head coach James Franklin.  Michigan is next and they are 1-3.
  1. The Eagles are a bad football team.  Their offensive line is just awful; Carson Wentz is overthrowing and underthrowing everybody except the opposition; the defense is tasked with making too many plays; and the coaching staff is at a loss how to overcome these problems. The Eagles play Seattle, Green Bay, New Orleans, and Arizona in the next four weeks and there does not seem to be a win there.  Wow!
  1. As we try to anticipate a winter season of basketball and football, some schools are already putting everything on hold.  Liberty, Freedom, and Palmerton are all holding off practices until the middle of January and games until the end of January.  It’s hard to imagine that others will not do the same.
  1. The Dream Come True Telethon will be virtual this year.  It will be aired on RCN-TV on Monday, December 7.  While this year is different, every day Lehigh Valley children are affected by life-altering illnesses. Now more than ever, we are counting on you to tune in, donate and help kids live their dreams.  Bid on YOUR dream items in our auction, or donate to help us make more dreams come true! Visit www.rcn.com/RCNTV for more information.

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