“Shootout for Soldiers”

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 There is a great fundraising event going on in a number of areas in the RCN-TV viewing area over the next several weeks that you really should know more about.

We had the pleasure on “RCN SportsTalk” to speak with Merry Troper, the Executive Director of a special charity event centered around the sport of lacrosse, called “Shootout for Soldiers,” which raises money for the men and women serving our country in the Armed Forces.

The event has been gathering momentum over the last several years and has turned into much more than a simple lacrosse tournament. The games and the ceremonies strike an emotional accord with veterans and their family members who attend.  There are plenty special events that go on, before, during and after the games.

One of the highlights includes the playing of the National Anthem, by different performers, every hour before each match starts. The match kicks off with two teams made up entirely of veterans playing each other, which starts at 9am on June 23rd.

Merry talked about more of the highlights of this year’s event in Washington, to be hosted at Long Bridge Park.

Among the other “Shootout for Soldiers” events coming up include:

Baltimore                           June 20th-21st

Washington, DC               June 23rd-24th

Philadelphia                      June 26th-27th

Boston                                July 6th-7th

Long Island                       July 12th-13th

…and more!

The games have traditionally been very competitive if you are a hardcore lacrosse fan and want to attend the matches for the quality of play, but it’s also important that people in the area of these events try to make an attempt to support our servicemen and women in this worthy cause.

The event has raised millions of dollars over the years and is setting its sights on trying to raise $50,000 for this year’s event in Washington, DC alone.

For more information on the event specifically in DC, go to:


Click on “Shootout for Soldiers,” to get more information on other “Shootout for Soldiers” events taking place in Boston, Long Island, Baltimore, Philadelphia and more!

There, you can learn more about the other cities’ events, as well as find out about ways to help financially, by working as an intern or volunteer, or through other sponsorship opportunities.


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