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Let me say it up front – I like to gamble in moderation, my wife likes the slot machines and my daughter genetically, also, has the “bug”.  So last week, when my daughter called to see if we wanted to go to Atlantic City for the weekend with her and her husband, the answer was an easy “Yes”.

We both had free rooms for two nights, some complimentary food vouchers, and free tickets to a show. After the heat wave of the previous week, it seemed like the perfect time to get away for some R & R.  And… sports for the RCN-TV team takes a slight respite in July.

The plan was a good one – we would arrive on Friday night, have dinner, and do a little bit of gambling. Saturday would be taken up with a hearty breakfast, time at the pool in the afternoon (or the beach), a good dinner at an expensive restaurant (it was complimentary), and a hypnotist/comedy show at night.  This left a modicum of time for gambling and that is usually a very good thing.  Well, the best laid plans…

Due to heavy traffic, the 2 ½ hour ride took four hours, but we arrived without incident. After checking in to Resorts International (the rooms were very nice by the way), we decided to explore the hotel, get our show tickets, and seek out a spot for dinner.

Our first stop was to check out the pool. It was an indoor-outdoor setup so that sounded nice and the pool was heated which sounded even better.  When the four of us saw the pool, I knew there would be trouble.  It was packed with kids of all ages.  Some were in diapers and some probably should have been.  I noticed that my wife and daughter were not thrilled with the idea of swimming in what they perceived would be polluted water.

That left the beach and the ocean as our back-up the next day. We had a nice dinner, did a little gambling (everyone won, but me), and headed to bed.

The next morning we met and decided to eat breakfast and explore the two brand new casinos that had just been open for one week – The Hard Rock and Ocean. Breakfast was first, however.

We chose the Hard Rock Café. We possibly had the worst service ever!  We ordered, eventually got our beverages, and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  No coffee refills, no tea refills, no juice refills, and NO FOOD!  After one half hour, we asked to see the manager (something I never do).  He apologized and said he would put our order right in.  I thought our order would have ALREADY been in!

Forty-five minutes later, breakfast arrived, with the manager saying it was on the house. It was beginning to look like no one wanted our money, except the casinos.

We then opted to look at the new casinos and walk the boardwalk before going to the beach. Remember the extremely hot weather from the week before.  It was gone.  The temperature was in the low 70’s and the water temperature, we were told, was 61 degrees.  The girls had the same look on their face that they had when we saw the pool.  It was a beautiful day, but not a day to lie on the beach or go in the ocean.

So all the activities designed to keep us out of the casino were eliminated. That led to an afternoon of gambling (we all lost).  Thank goodness, the evening was full.  When I returned to the room – my key would not work.  I had to go back down to the lobby to get a new key.

Everything took an upswing at dinner. It was wonderful.  It took a couple of hours and led right into the show.  We had been told by others not to miss it.  Some people we asked saw the show the night before and said it was hilarious.

The concept was a combination hypnotist/comedy act. The theater was small and, it turned out, the audience was even smaller. In fact, and this is the truth, they had to count the people to make sure there were enough for a show.  The minimum I was told was 34 – there were 39!  Suffice it to say, the entertainer had very little to work with and it showed.  Getting laughs was difficult and hypnotizing anyone became even more difficult.

How bad was it? It was so bad that, according to the performer, for the first time in his 20-year career, he stopped the show, said no one was a good subject, and he apologetically would not go on.  He offered everyone their money back (we did not pay anyway) and called it a night.  Our ninety-minute respite from gambling was reduced to one half-hour.  I went to the room only to find my new key, also, would not work.  It was back to the lobby for a new key and back to (where else) the casino.

My daughter lost some more: my wife lost some more. Luckily I won a little back, but I was still a loser for the weekend.

We came home Sunday morning with a little less money, no beach time, three keys that didn’t work, and plenty of laughs about the “rest and relaxation” weekend.


  1. Did you realize there are 121 NFL officials? And of that group, seven will be rookies this year, including the sons of current NFL officials, Ed Hochuli and Stan Kemp. That’s a lot of people to scream at.
  2. I guess if you have a bad knee and you are asked to pinch hit, the best thing to do is hit a home run. That’s what Japanese sensation Shohei Ohtani did on Sunday against the Dodgers. He hit a foul ball off his knee the night before and received treatment right before Sunday’s game. He hit the game-winning home run to center field in the seventh inning. He said, “I was glad I was able to hit a home run so I didn’t have to run much.”
  3. On April 2, the Phillies and the Mets were snowed out. At that time, the Phils looked awful (1-4) and the Mets looked great (11-1 to start). Things are different for this second go-round being played this week. The Phils are in first place and the Mets are playing some of the worst baseball in their history.
  4. Would you watch Tiger Woods and Phil Mickleson play each other with a winner-take-all $10 million? Do you remember in the 1960’s “Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf”? I do. That show paired two well-known players against one another – Palmer against Nicklaus, Hogan vs Snead, Player vs Trevino. It was good TV then and it would be good TV today. It will happen when the entities come up with the money!


Our next Blue Mountain League Game of the Week will be on July 17 when the Northampton Giants host the Limeport Dodgers. Northampton has been hovering around first place all year. You are invited.


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