Spring Sports 2019 Previews

Guests:  Freedom Baseball & Parkland Girls Lacrosse Teams
Date Released:  March 21, 2019   Genre: Talk

HS Hoops 2019 Recap

Guests: Larry Starr, Doug Snyder, Josh Stout, Quinton Stewart, Disley Mendez-Garcia, Evan Wilt, Allen Young
Date Released: March 14, 2019  Genre: Talk

PIAA Hoops Playoff Previews

Guests: Tom Stoudt
Date Released: March 7, 2019  Genre: Talk

HS Basketball Playoff Previews

Guests: Monique Lindell, Josh Kopp, Cassie Murphy, Mary Kate Altmire, Abby Wachter
Date Released: February 7, 2019  Genre: Talk

Wrestling Playoff Previews

Guests: Tom Housenick, Scott Barr, Ryan Nunamaker, Gene Waas
Date Released: January 24, 2018   Genre: Talk

2018 “Year-in-Review”

A look back at the top moments, teams and players.
Date Released: December 20, 2018 Genre: Talk

HS Hoops/Wrestling Previews

Guests: Bethlehem Catholic Wrestling/Basketball teams
Date Released: December 13, 2018 Genre: Talk

Football Wrap/Hoops Preview

Guests: Tony Cocca, John Leone, Daniel Tyson
Date Released: December 7, 2018 Genre: Talk

PIAA Football Playoffs

Guests:  Corey Sharp, Dave Mika
Date Released: November 29, 2018.  Genre: Talk

HS FB Playoff Preview #2

Guests:  John Breidinger
Date Released: November 8, 2018.  Genre: Talk