Phillies’ Unsung Storylines

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One of the reasons why the Phillies have had the kind of “surprising” (by most fans’ expectations) season to date is the team’s flexibility.

New Manager Gabe Kapler made it very obvious in spring training that he wanted players to play multiple positions—regardless of whether or not they had any prior experience playing new spots.  Learning a new position on the fly at the Major League level is nothing less than an amazing accomplishment, and players like Jesmuel Valentin are really the unsung heroes as this team stays in playoff contention.

Mind you, it’s not just the physical aspects of playing a brand new position (and we’re not just talking about moving from second base to shortstop).  The mental aspect of going from the infield to the outfield and then back in again (and doing it with no experience at lower levels) is one of the most impressive/least talked about aspect of this year’s Phillies.

Once more, it takes a special athlete to be able to make these adjustments and carry on as “good soldiers” in the clubhouse, when players are asked to make these significant changes for the overall good of the team.  Moving to a new position is one thing—but doing it while keeping the clubhouse a positive experience for the whole squad is also something that should not be overlooked when analyzing Philadelphia’s success this year.

This unselfish approach is something that Phillies Shortstop-Second Baseman-Third Baseman-Pinch Hitter-Right Fielder-Relief Pitcher Jesmuel Valentin has shown throughout his baseball career…and MLB fans are finally getting to see what this versatile player can do at the Big League level.

I had the great opportunity of speaking with Valentin—once at Reading, again at Lehigh Valley after spring training last year, and again earlier this month in Philadelphia, about this unique ability to successfully move around, playing new positions, while still trying to prove that he can hit Major League pitching.

Here’s a portion of my interview with Valentin…

There are more “feel-good” stories surrounding the Philadelphia team—some that sports fans everywhere will be become aware of – should this unlikely collection of prospects continue to play—and beat—some of the best teams in all of baseball.

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