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By now, you probably know I would do almost anything to promote Dream Come True.  With that said, I want to let you know and please pass the word along that the 33rd Annual Telethon will take place this year on December 3, beginning at 6:00 pm.  There will be more about that in a later blog.


What I never expected was to be asked to model for an upcoming article about Dream Come True.  It will be found in this month’s edition of Lehigh Valley Marketplace magazine.

The idea behind the session (notice I am already using modeling terminology) was to highlight the history of this wonderful event and offer a prelude to this year’s night.

I arrived in a suit and tie, but I failed to do any “mirror practicing” or spending time determining my best side.  Heck, I didn’t even work extra on my smile.  I figured I was in the hands of professionals and they would guide me through the process.

Makeup was the first challenge.  Now I want you to know that even though I have been on TV for almost 50 years, I can count on one hand the number of times someone had applied a base, some powder, and um… ( I don’t even know what I’m talking about here).  The makeup artist, called that because they can transform an artifact like me into a work of art, had me sit for the application.  It was moisturizer, a base, some powder, etc.  I was hoping she would capture my skin tone (who am I kidding here?).  Not surprisingly it took a little longer than most.  She, obviously, was working with a difficult canvas.  But, alas, I guess I looked as good as she could make me look.

It was on to the modeling portion.  I am assuming, since the magazine is not on the stands yet, that I can anticipate one or two pictures of myself and Scott Barr.  But the photographer took over fifty pictures while instructing me and Scott to “stand straight, don’t breathe, chin out, tilt your head, eyes open wider, and smile”.  For us, the list seemed endless.  Fifty plus pictures to find one or two good ones – with our faces, that sounds just about right.

The important thing, of course, is that attention is brought to Dream Come True and their worthy cause.  But I keep thinking that once the Marketplace magazine comes out, there just might be some heightened interest in more modeling jobs.  Will I need an agent?  A little plastic surgery?  Will I need to create “my people” so they can take calls from “their people”?  I will sit by my phone and wait (and probably wait and wait and wait).

But… maybe Sports Illustrated is reading this?


  1. It sure looks like the Steelers knew what they were doing in not settling with Le’Veon Bell. Bell refused to sign his $14.5 million contract.  James Conner has filled in very nicely, thank you.  In the last four games, all wins, by the way, he has touched the ball 108 times for 689 yards.  He is on pace for over 2,000 yards, much like Bell numbers.  Bell has one more week to come to terms.  His bargaining power has slipped.
  1. Jon Gruden is finding that his return to the NFL has been quite painful. With only one win, against the hapless Cleveland Browns, it appears the Raiders will not win another game this year.  Some think the team is just awful and others believe the game has just passed Gruden by.  I know there are rabid Raiders fans out there who have hated some of the trades made.  It’s a mess in Oakland right now.
  1. The Redskins lost on Sunday and that helps the Eagles who were in a bye week. Washington had a three-game winning streak until they met the Falcons on Sunday, losing 38-14.  Washington is now 5-3; the Eagles are 4-4.
  1. Alabama sure has stopped much of the FBS National Championship conversation when they demolished #3 LSU 29-0 on Saturday.  The defense was awesome; the offense was very impressive.  Maybe the semifinal game between #2 and #3 will be good.  The other one will not and it does not look like the championship game will be either.
  1. District playoff football continues this week. The AAAAAA bracket is down to four teams – #5 Parkland vs. #1 Freedom will be on RCN-TV LIVE at 7:00 on Friday night followed by  #3 Easton vs. #2 Emmaus at 9:30.  On Saturday, our attention falls to the AAAA semifinals.  At 1:00 PM, we will have Bethlehem Catholic – Pottsville LIVE followed by the LIVE telecast of the NorthwesternSaucon Valley game at 7:00 PM.


Gary’s Guesses: NFL Picks (Last week: 10-3)  (Overall: 84-48-2  64% ) 

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