LeBron, KD, or Steph?

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I think it is always fun to dream a bit, especially if you are a sports fan. Every sports fan loves to second guess, loves to complain about decisions made during a game, and loves to be a “Monday morning quarterback”.

It seems like it’s innate in a sports fan to think they know more than the coach or the general manager when it comes to making decisions about trades, the roster, play-calling, substitutions, and strategy. It’s just who we are.

So, if you are so inclined, I invite you to have some fun. Imagine if you are the general manager of the newly formed RCN Roundballers of the NBA and money is no object.  You have the opportunity to take any two of the following NBA players:

  1. LeBron James – Cleveland Cavaliers
  2. Kevin Durant – Golden State Warriors
  3. Steph Curry – Golden State Warriors
  4. James Harden – Houston Rockets
  5. Giannis Antetokounmpo – Milwaukee Bucks

Whom would you select? Let’s go in reverse order.

Antetokounmpo might be the least known to you, but the 23 year-old might just be your best investment. He is 6’11” and averaged 26.9 points during the regular season and 25.7 in the playoffs.  He averages 10 rebounds per game.  He has a huge learning curve and is pretty much a guarantee to be a dominant force for many years to come.

James Harden certainly could have led the Rockets to the NBA championship final if he had some help in games 6 and 7 in the semis against the Warriors. Chris Paul was out with a hamstring injury so he had to carry the team, unlike the support that Curry and Durant get every night.  He averaged 28.6 points in the playoffs.

Is there any fan (unless your team is playing the Warriors) who is not impressed with the play of Stephen Curry? He is the engine that runs the Warriors and his 3-point shooting borders on phenomenal (nine in game two of the Finals was a record), not to mention his ability to take it to the basket against much taller players.  And, if you are looking for someone to run your offense and who is a proven winner (three championships and two MVPs), Curry might be your man.

Kevin Durant WAS the MVP of the 2018 NBA championship. He shot 65%, led his team in scoring (28.8), rebounds, blocks, and was second in assists.  If you watched the playoffs, he made big shot after big shot throughout.  The Warriors were not better when he was on the bench (-26 points), but they were much better when he was on the floor (+86 points).  But remember with the likes of Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson, no player had more support.

And then there is LeBron. Individually, in the NBA today, there is no better player.  His team lost, but his supporting cast did not come close to those the Warriors had.  He averaged 32.3 points (51 in one game) after suffering an injured hand after game one.  I’m not sure anyone would argue that he is the most dominant player in the NBA.  Bear in mind, however, that he is 33 years old.

So there you have it – dream a bit. Start your team with two picks.  You will need a large payroll, for sure.  Do it among others so you can defend and argue for your choices.  Who will it be?  And remember – no matter whom you choose, someone will second guess you, anyway.  Welcome to the front office.


  1. Oh, no! Ohtani is on the disabled list for the Angels. Shohei Ohtani, the pitching and batting phenom for the LA Angels, has a grade two sprain of his UCL. He was trying to do what Babe Ruth was able to do – pitch and bat in the majors. He was 4-1 on the mound and was batting .289 with 6 HR and 20 RBI’s.
  2. It was nice to see the Washington Capitals win their first ever NHL Stanley Cup this past week. Alex Ovechkin was the MVP and the franchise won for the first time in 43 years. The Redskins won the last DC title when they won the NFL championship in 1992. The Bullets last won an NBA title in 1978 – 40 years ago. Are the MLB Nationals next?
  3. There is plenty of speculation about where LeBron James will play next year. Some notes on the situation: he can become an unrestricted free agent if he opts out of his contract by June 29. By July 1, other teams can bid for his services. He has played for Cleveland, Miami, and Cleveland again. Watch for a feeding frenzy on July 1, if no decision is made by James until then.
  4. The Golden State Warriors will not be invited to the White House following their NBA championship. Unlike the Eagles who were disinvited, President Trump said he will not invite the Warriors.
  5.  RCN-TV will travel to Dimmick Park next Tuesday to bring you the BML match-up with the Yankees taking on the Royals. Watch at 9:30pm.


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