Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight on RCN TV is all about the exciting people, organizations, and events happening in your neighborhood!

Watch RCN TV’s Community Spotlight each week as host Dan Mowdy interviews those dynamic individuals, teams and organizations that are making a difference. Coming up on Community Spotlight:

Topic Guest(s) Dates & Times
CROP Hunger Walk Matt Piszel
Dianne Kareha
September 16 – 10:30PM
September 18 – 6:30PM
September 20 – 8:00PM
The Literary Center Jennifer M. Doyle, MPA
Alan Salinger
Mina Mouine
September 23 – 10:30PM
September 25 – 6:30PM
September 27 – 8:00PM
Stronger Than Steel Jeff Parks September 30 – 10:30PM
October 2 – 6:30PM
October 4 – 8:00PM
CROP Hunger Walk Matt Piszel
Dianne Kareha
October 7 – 10:30PM
October 9 – 6:30PM
October 11 – 8:00PM
GEDP/EMSI Meghan McBride
Kim Kmetz
Jared Mast
October 14 – 10:30PM
October 16 – 6:30PM
October 18 – 8:00PM
Jupiter Crush Jessica Jones October 21 – 10:30PM
October 23 – 6:30PM
October 25 – 8:00PM

Community Spotlight episodes are available On Demand for 60 days after its first air date. Interested in appearing on Community Spotlight? Please contact Dan Mowdy.