Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight on RCN TV is all about the exciting people, organizations, and events happening in your neighborhood!

Watch RCN TV’s Community Spotlight each week as host Dan Mowdy interviews those dynamic individuals, teams and organizations that are making a difference. Coming up on Community Spotlight:

Topic Guest(s) Dates & Times
Lehigh Valley Planning Commission Becky A. Bradley
Geoffrey A. Reese
Peter M. Barnard
September 8 – 10:30PM
September 10 – 6:30PM
September 12 – 8:00PM
America on Wheels Museum Liz Hahn
Alan Gross
Linda Merkel
Lindsey Jancay
September 15 – 10:30PM
September 17 – 6:30PM
September 19 – 8:00PM
Arts Academy Charter Middle School William Fitzpatrick
Kristen Stachina
Deb Ihling
Dana Passerman
Lydia Alnutt
September 22 – 10:30PM
September 24 – 6:30PM
September 26 – 8:00PM
Iacocca Institute’s Global Village Mary Frances Schurtz-Leon
Kira Mendez
Brett Seidner
September 29 – 10:30PM
October 3 – 8:00PM
Lehigh County Aging and Adult Services Gus Liadis
Clayton Reed, Jr.
Heather Strohm
October 6 – 10:30PM
October 8 – 6:30PM
October 10 – 8:00PM

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