Classic Concert in the Park

Revisit the musical sounds of past outdoor performances from West Park and other area locations by Lehigh Valley’s concert bands of AFM Local 45.

The RCN TV Classic Concert in the Park series schedule for summer 2020:

Bands/Original Performance Date RCN TV 2020 Air Dates
The Pioneer Band of Allentown
(July 3, 2007)
Tuesday, August 4 at 7pm
Saturday, August 8 at 7pm
The Macungie Band
(August 7, 2010)
Tuesday, August 11 at 7pm
Saturday, August 15 at 7pm
The Marine Band of Allentown
(June 9, 2004)
Tuesday, August 18 at 7pm
Saturday, August 22 at 7pm
Municipal Band of Allentown
(July 18, 2010)
Tuesday, August 25 at 7pm
Saturday, August 29 at 7pm
The Royalaires
(July 19, 2003)
Tuesday, September 8 at 7pm
Wednesday, September 9 at 7pm
The Allentown Band
(July 2, 2010)
Tuesday, September 15 at 7pm
September 16 at 7pm