2021 Celtic Classic


Embrace the enchantment of the seven Celtic nations! Join RCN at the 34nd Annual Celtic Classic Highland Games and Festival September 24 through September 26 in historic Downtown Bethlehem.

RCN customers enjoy exclusive coverage of Celtic Classic on RCN TV.  Our Highland Games coverage features Chris Michael, RCN TV Sports Director and host of RCN Sports Talk, plus his parade co-host, Liam Mulligan, and Highland Games co-host, Harrison Bailey.

Event Date/Time Replay
Showing of the Tartan Parade  Saturday, 9/25
7:00 pm
Sunday, 9/26
12:30 pm
The U.S. National Highland Games Championship:
22 lb Hammer
24 lb Braemer Stone
56 lb Weight for Distance
Sheaf Toss
Caber Toss
Saturday, 9/25
7:30 pm
Sunday, 9/25
1:00 pm
Friday, 10/1
7:00 pm
Fig for a Kiss Monday, 9/25
6:00 pm
Saturday, 10/2
10:00 am
Kennedy’s Kitchen Monday, 9/25
7:00 pm
Saturday, 10/2
11:00 am
Barleyjuice Monday, 9/25
9:00 pm
Saturday, 10/2
12:00 pm
Moxie Strings Monday, 9/25
10:00 pm
Saturday, 10/2
1:00 pm

Schedule subject to change. All shows are available on RCN On Demand for 60 days after its initial airing.

Start times are approximate.