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Our History

RCN began on the strength of its own advanced fiber-optic network, which extensively expanded over time.

Constant Innovation

Our powerful, scalable fiber-optic network offers significant competitive advantages – it allows us to provide comprehensive communications services to both multi-dwelling and single family units; established us as a technology leader, with superfast high-speed Internet service, an impressive digital cable TV lineup, including a large number of high-definition channels, and highly reliable digital phone service; and by design supports continuous product and service innovation.

As our residential service grew, we also focused increasingly on providing premier telecommunications services to small businesses through RCN Business Services, and high-capacity transport services to medium and large-sized companies through RCN Metro Optical Networks, a wholly-owned subsidiary. RCN’s past success stems from its foresight in acquiring, maintaining and growing its expansive fiber-optic network to serve multiple customer segments with an unwavering commitment to offering premium services with the very best in value.

The Early Years

RCN was founded in 1996 and began offering triple play service in Boston. The company expanded tremendously in 1998 through the acquisition of a number of Internet and cable companies.

Then, beginning in 2005, management focused on RCN’s strategic Northeast Corridor and Chicago markets, selling non-core assets including its 49% stake in Megacable, the largest cable company in Mexico, as well as its West Coast assets.

Entry Into Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC) Space

With close to a decade of experience providing cable TV, Internet and phone service using fiber optics already under its belt, RCN again grew significantly in 2006. First, the company acquired Con Edison Communications (CEC), a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc., with its own fiber-optic network in New York City. The combination of CEC with RCN’s existing business services capability created the subsidiary RCN Business Solutions. Second, RCN completed a substantial network upgrade, including conversion to a 100% digital network.

In 2007, RCN Business Solutions acquired NEON Communications gaining an advanced fiber-optic network stretching across twelve northeastern and mid-Atlantic states. NEON was a wholesale service provider of high-bandwidth transport services to service providers and Fortune 100 companies. With this acquisition, RCN Business Solutions became RCN Metro Optical Networks, a leading facilities-based provider to medium and large carriers and enterprises in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic and Chicago metro area.

The New Frontier

RCN entered a new phase in 2008. Equipped with two business units, RCN residential and Business Services and RCN Metro Optical Networks, serving three customer segments, the company continued to win customers in its markets.

By 2009, RCN completed its movement to an all-digital video platform, enabling an increase in high-definition availability and improving picture quality to cable TV customers. In addition, the company offers the fastest high-speed Internet available with cable modem speeds that challenge industry standards.

ABRY Partners, LLC acquired RCN Corporation in August 2010. This transaction separated RCN residential and Business Services from RCN Metro, allowing each company to build upon their strengths. Although operating independently, the businesses will continue to maintain strong relationships.


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