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How to Use Anonymous Call Rejection

Anonymous Call Rejection blocks incoming domestic and international calls that display on Caller ID as Anonymous, Private, or Blocked from reaching the customer. When activated, callers hear an announcement that anonymous calls are not accepted; the phone won't ring on the customer's end.

To enable Anonymous Call Rejection

  • Lift receiver and listen for dial tone.
  • Dial *77.
  • Listen for the tone.
  • Anonymous calls will now be blocked.

To disable Anonymous Call Rejection

  • Lift receiver and listen for dial tone.
  • Dial *87.
  • Listen for the tone.
  • Anonymous calls will no longer be blocked.

Please note:

  • Anonymous calls are not recorded on Caller ID display
  • Calls from Telemarketers, Non-Profits and Businesses that display as Unknown, Unavailable, or only the state can't be blocked

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