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Everyday Heros

Saying thank you to those who are there when we need them most.

Nominate a local hero in your community today! Heroes are entered to win a $250 gift card, plus a chance to win 1 year of free Internet service.


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Celebrate Them!

They are there every day with commitment to the community. Tell us their stories. What do you see local heroes in your neighborhood doing? Let’s celebrate their action.

Local Heros
Everyday Hero

Alissa M., New York City, NY

“I would like to nominate Alissa as an RCN Everyday Hero. Alissa is in her residency program at a major New York Medical Center. She has been caring for COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients in the global epicenter of the pandemic. She works day and overnight shifts and never says no when asked to come in for an extra round.”

Everyday Hero

Diane P., Framingham, MA

“Diana has been using her own money to feed Hundreds of people affected by COVID. From 1st responders to those out of work, high risk or sick.”

Everyday Hero

Rose M., Catasauqua, PA

“92 year old Rose decided she wanted to help anyone who was in need of a mask. To date she has made over 1,000 and is still going strong.”

Everyday Hero

Jason L., Chicago, IL

“Jason is a flight attendant for an airline. He continues to go to work - taking public transit and flying all over the country. Not only is he putting his life at risk every day, but he is keeping active a vital part of so many people's livelihoods. Thank you, Jason!”

Everyday Hero

Randy F., Springfield, VA

“Randy works for a retail grocery chain. Ever since the virus hit our country, he has gone to work six days a week. He helps to make sure the store remains open and helps with stocking and receiving shipments from the suppliers. He cleans the store and helped filled in when some of his coworkers were unable to show up for work. He is my idea of an everyday hero!”

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