TV Industry Overview

Ever Wonder About the Fees That Make Up Your Monthly TV Bill?
Because we are local, we are invested in our community, our employees and our customers. With Network fees dramatically increasing and impacting your monthly bill, we wanted to give you a backstage pass to better understand the economics of the TV business.

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Local TV Stations

What Is the Difference Between a Broadcaster and a Cable Network?
A Broadcaster, such as ABC and NBC, airs their stations via public airways free over-the-air to households with antennas. They also negotiate with Cable, Satellite and telephone companies to send the signal to their customers.

Network TV Groups

Ever Wonder Why You Can’t Just Pick The Channels You Like?
Many customers would prefer to pay for only the most popular Networks and a select group of quality, special-interest ones that appeal to them.

Sports Programming

Why Do I Pay So Much For Sports Networks?
Skyrocketing Sports TV Rights: It’s Not a Game, Its Big Business. It’s a fact: the steeply rising price of TV sports rights has doubled the basic video bill of Satellite and Cable TV customers over the past decade. That’s not just for sports fans, but for everyone.

How Does This Happen?

Just five multi-billion-dollar corporations own or control about 90% of existing TV networks -
often requiring that we bundle their family of networks on our most popular TV packages - driving up the cost of your monthly bill, forcing you to pay for channels that have little or low viewership.

Network Surcharges

Broadcast TV, Sports & Entertainment Network Surcharges.
Programming fees paid to networks and sports channels, plus retransmission fees demanded by local broadcasters comprise the largest cost in our business. These fees are growing at an alarming rate - faster than RCN and other distributors can absorb.

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