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RCN On Demand - Frequently Asked Questions

How is RCN ON DEMAND different from Pay Per View?

RCN On Demand allows you to select a movie from thousands of hours of programming and order movies instantly from the library of titles available when you want to watch them. RCN ON DEMAND has more selections and categories than Pay-Per-View.

Currently, Pay-Per-View has specific times when an events will start and finish, and only allows you to watch one movie/event at a time. Pay-Per-View does not have any VCR functionality. ON DEMAND starts when you are ready, allows you to watch the movie as many times as you would like within the 24 hour rental period, and has full functionality with pause, rewind, fast forward and stop buttons. RCN ON DEMAND allows you to start watching a movie in one room, stop in the middle, pause it, and continue watching it in another room.

How much does RCN ON DEMAND Cost?

There is no additional cost to access the service when you rent RCN's digital converter box. You pay only when you select a movie to watch. Most movies cost the same as if you rented them from a video store, usually between $4.99 and $6.99 per rental period. Many RCN ON DEMAND movies are available in High Definition. Adult titles cost $12.99 - $15.99 per rental period.

How many times can I see the movie I selected?

Once you make your selection, you can watch that movie as many times as you like for a 24- hour period. Once the 24 hours is up, you must choose the movie again and pay an additional fee.

Can I block my children from watching RCN ON DEMAND movies while I'm not home?

Yes, RCN On Demand offers parental controls. It also employs purchase codes to prevent unauthorized purchases. This way you can always be sure of knowing what your children are watching through RCN On Demand.

How many and what kind of movies does the service offer?

RCN On Demand offers a library of approximately 500 titles providing about 1000 hours of entertainment. Our library includes titles in categories such as movies, kids, ESPN, TV classics, Spanish language programming, and special events such as concerts and wrestling.

How often do the titles in your library change?

Our library is updated regularly, bringing you as thousands of hours of new programming each month including the latest new movie releases.

How do I pay for the movies I select?

Receive convenient billing with charges automatically added to your RCN Cable TV bill. The rental charges are added to your cable bill each month. It will appear in a separate section of your bill with the title you ordered clearly displayed.

How many programs can I order at one time?

There is no limit on purchases; you can order as many as you like (account must be in good standing). Order more than one selection and flip from one rental to another with the press of a button. Purchased movies are indicated by a checkmark. The checkmark indicates programs you have ordered that are available for viewing.

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