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Operator & Directory Assistance Service Rates

Directory Listing Services
Non-Listed Service (per month) $1.95 $2.25 $3.00 $1.29 $1.72 $0.54
Non-Published Service (per month) $2.50 $2.75 $4.95 $2.07 $1.89 $1.02
Additional Directory Listing (per listing) $2.50 $2.50 $3.00 $1.35 $1.72 $2.17

RCN East Coast
(MA, NY, PA, DC, VA, MD)
RCN Midwest
Operator Service Surcharge Per Min Surcharge Per Min
Busy Line Verification $1.50 N/A $2.00 N/A
Busy Line Interrupt $2.00 N/A $5.00 N/A
General Assistance $2.00 $0.15 $2.00 $0.15
DA Surcharge $1.75 +DA rate $2.75 +DA rate
Billed to 3rd Party - Operator Dialed (IL)     $2.75 $0.15
Billed to 3rd Party - Automated Local Calls $1.75 $0.15 $1.45 $0.15
Billed to 3rd Party - Outside Local Calling Areas $7.50 $0.15 $7.50 $0.15
Person to Person - Local Calling Area Only $3.50 $0.15 $5.00 $0.15
Person to Person - Outside Local Calling Areas $12.50 $0.15 $12.50 $0.15
Station to Station - Operator Assisted Local Calls $1.75 $0.15 $2.75 $0.15
Station to Station - Automated Local Calls (IL)     $1.45 $0.15
Station to Station - Automated Local Calls (PA) $1.40 $0.15    
Station to Station - Automated Local Calls (NY) $1.50 $0.15    
Station to Station - Outside Local Calling Areas $7.50 $0.15 $7.50 $0.15

RCN reserves the right to refuse a listing that does not conform to directory specifications or which does not constitute a legally authorized or adopted name. This includes any listing which is likely to mislead or deceive calling parties as to the identity of the listed party, intended for advertising to secure a more preferential position in the directory, or is more elaborate than is reasonably necessary to identify the listed party. RCN may, upon notification to the customer, discontinue any listing found to be in violation of the foregoing regulations.

Pursuant to FCC requirements, if you have chosen Non-Listed or Non-Published service, your billing name and address will be shared with your long distance providers for billing purposes, unless you elect to withhold this information. To request a block on the provision of this information, please call your local business office.

Non-Published and Non-Listed numbers may be displayed on Caller ID display units. To prevent display of your name and telephone number, press *67 (1167 for rotary), then the telephone number of the person you are calling. In some states, permanent blocking is also available by calling your local business office. Please be aware that the FCC has ruled that certain types of calls, including 911, 900, 976, and toll free numbers (800, 888, 877, etc.), are exempt from Caller ID blocking. Non-Published and Non-Listed numbers will be forwarded on calls to these service providers, even if per call or per line blocking is activated.

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