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Get out of the cold and launch into spring with some of your favorite returning shows! Pick up right where you left off with your favorite characters and fall in love with even more drama with these March and April premiers. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Bates Motel
Returned March 7, 2016 on A&E.

Bates Motel is back and this season promises to be as moody and twisted as ever. Season 4 continues with the same fantasy world Norma and Norman have created but fans should anticipate and maybe even fear Norman’s inevitable descent. Bates Motel returns to Mondays on A&E.

Bates MotelVera Farmiga despises poorly written female characters so much that she actually burns scripts if she comes across one. We’re lucky Norma has enough depth to keep Vera interested.

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Bates Motel
The Americans

The Americans
Returned March 16, 2016 on FX.

The Americans return with the same intensity and riveting storytelling fans have come to expect. Season 4 hints at the inevitable demise of Philip and Elizabeth’s newly formed arranged “marriage.” How will they end up? Find out on the return of The Americans.

The AmericansThe creator of the show Joseph Weisberg previously worked in the CIA’s directorate of operations as a former agent. Any script written by Weisberg must go in front of the CIA Publications Review Board.

Premiers March 30, 2016 on Fox.

Empire picks up right where things left off, with the devastating crumble of the Lyon Empire. But who will make it as the next CEO? Season 3 brings more jaw-dropping explosions and great musical performances!

EmpireJamal’s character is inspired by the creator Lee Daniel’s life and Andre is inspired by the creator Danny Strong’s mother. She too suffers from mental illness much like the character.

Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead
Premiers April 10, 2016 on AMC.

Season 1 ended with everyone on a boat, so what’s in store for season 2? Fear the Walking Dead returns and there is definitely a beach setting with no safe harbor.

Fear the Walking DeadExecutive producer Dave Erickson confirmed that Zombies cannot, in fact, swim. “They can wade. That’s something we experimented with when we shot the first episode,” Erickson said at the 2016 PaleyFest.

Orphan Black
Premieres April 14, 2016 on BBCA.

This season, Sarah and her sisters’ band together to finally uncover the missing link to the clone conspiracy but the close-knit sisters are forced into different directions.

Orphan BlackDid you know that Tatiana Maslany roller-bladed during her audition and helped other girls with their lines? Talk about star power.

Orphan Black
12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys
Premieres April 17, 2016 on SyFy.

The season 4 premiere of 12 Monkeys will be filled with twists and turns as a new character surfaces. But the big question is, will Cassie actually meet Cole? Find out in the return of 12 Monkeys.

12 MonkeysThe writers of the 12 Monkeys film, Janet and David Peoples, were the inspiration behind the name of the psychiatric facility Jennifer is placed in, "J.D. Peoples Psychiatric Treatment Center."

Turn: Washington’s Spies
Premieres April 25, 2016 on AMC.

Discontent with Washington’s closest ally threatens the fate of the Revolution while Abe risks his life to gather intelligence behind enemy lines, in the season 3 premiere of Turn: Washington’s Spies.

12 MonkeysThe series is roughly based on the book Washington’s Spies by Alexander Rose.

12 Monkeys

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