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Looking to really get into the Halloween spirit? Here’s your guide to the spookiest, creepiest and sometimes funniest Halloween-themed movies! We’ve gathered a few classics, a few newbies and a little something for the kids. So huddle up with your loved ones and tune to these spooky flicks today!

1922 (Netflix)
Rated R

Calling all Stephen King fans! You’re going to want to add this Netflix original to your watch list. The prolific author’s novella comes to life when a Nebraska rancher tells the story of how he murdered his wife with the help of his son all for financial gain. He soon learns not all is dead on the ranch after her demise. See what goes bump in the night, now on Netflix.

The Nightmare before Christmas
(On Demand and Netflix)

Rated PG

What’s a prized pumpkin king to do when he grows tired of spooking people in the real world? He ventures out of Halloweentown and stumbles upon Christmastown, of course! Follow Jack Skellington’s misadventures as plots to take over Santa Clause’s Christmas duties in The Nightmare before Christmas.

The Descent (Hulu)
Rated R

Looking for solace after an emotional trauma, Sarah heads to North Carolina where she and a few friends embark on a cave expedition. All plans of a peaceful expedition fall apart when a rock falls leaving them stranded underground. Upon finding odd cave drawings, the crew soon realizes they’re not alone.

Gremlins (Netflix)
Rated PG

"Don't expose him to bright light. Don't ever get him wet. And don't ever, ever feed him after midnight." Wise words spoken by a shopkeeper as he sells the “mogwai” to a gadget inventor looking for a unique gift for his son. All those words of wisdom go out the window as the son breaks every rule exposing his small town to little, mischievous monsters.

Annabelle Creation (On Demand)
Rated R

Years after experiencing the tragic death of their daughter Annabelle, a former toy maker and his wife invite a nun and six orphaned children into their farmhouse. What could have been a peaceful stay quickly turns into terror after one of the orphans enters a forbidden room.

Little Shop of Horrors (Hulu)

Who knew a man-eating plant could help your chances of finding romance? That’s just what unfolds for Seymour, a nerdy florist who pines for his co-worker, Audrey. See what craziness unfolds when Seymour allows his man-eating plant named Audrey II to devour Audrey’s deceased boyfriend’s body.

Halloween II (On Demand)
Rated R

Michael Myers is unstoppable in Halloween II. After taking several bullets from former psychiatrist Dr. Sam, Myers sets on a warpath to find and finally kill Laurie. He cuts and slashes his way through the town, making his way to the hospital Laurie has sought help for, following her bout with the serial killer.

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