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Fall means colorful leaves, pumpkin flavored treats and returning fall shows! From the awesome one-liners of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to the creepy world of the Upside down on Stranger Things, you’re sure to never be bored this season. So huddle up to your TV or mobile device and let the exciting entertainment begin!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)
Premieres September 26th

Say it ain’t so! Can our favorite detectives be locked up for good? Last time we checked in with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, detectives Peralta and Diaz were busy being framed by a dirty supervisor. Flip to Fox, to see if the Nine-Nine crew can save two of their own.

Will & Grace (NBC)
Premieres September 28th

You know you missed those quick comebacks, funny jabs and crazy hijinks that was Will & Grace of the late 90’s. Well, miss no more! The show that changed television is back and funnier than ever. Dive right back into the lives of Will, Grace, Karen and Jack (JUST JACK!) September 28th on NBC at 9/8c.

Scandal (ABC)
Premieres October 5th

We’ve seen elections, kidnappings and walks in the sun but come October 5th that all comes to an end. Tune to ABC this fall to watch the last and final season of Scandal. What insane, out of this world situations will Olivia have to handle this time? The beginning of the end premieres October 5th at 9/8c.

Riverdale (The CW)
Premieres October 11th

"People will look back at this as the exact moment that last bit of Riverdale’s innocence finally died.” Jughead is certainly on to something as the Riverdale trailer opens to Archie rushing his father to the hospital after being shot. Will Archie’s father pull through? Who’s the shooter? So many questions that can only be answered when you tune in to the The CW, October 11th at 8/7c.

Stranger Things (Netflix)
Premieres October 27th

Halloween just got a lot whole lot stranger! Take a much needed travel back to Halloween 1984 where our favorite ghostbusters are setting themselves up for another supernatural adventure. What could be worse than a Demogorgon? Looks like we spoke to soon!

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