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TiVo® tracks it down from live TV, On Demand, popular streaming apps, YouTube – wherever. So you can start with the pilot episode or jump in anywhere mid-season. No matter where it is or when it’s on, TiVo delivers it all in one list, in an instant – so you can watch when YOU want

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TiVo in Every Room

Stream a recorded show in the kitchen and 3 other rooms at once, start a movie in one room and resume in another, watch at the pool, schedule 6 recordings while at the store, fling a video from your smartphone to your TV. With TiVo in every room, you can do it all.

Record & Store*

The only thing more annoying than running out of space is having to constantly pick and choose what to delete so you don’t miss out. TiVo can handle the biggest entertainment watchers. It records up to 6 shows at once and provides up to 1 TB of recording capacity - enough for 150 hours of HD shows.



Shows at Once
Up to


of Space
Up to


SD Hours
150 HD Hours
Watch Shows


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Record & Store

How TiVo stacks up

See how TiVo compares to a variety
of entertainment systems.

How TiVo stacks up
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Equipment Powered by TiVo

Equipment Powered by TiVo

Choose from a selection of powerful DVRs and watch your favorites anytime.

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Want TiVo Service from RCN? - explore your options!

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Get the Most Out of Your TiVo

Get the Most Out of Your TiVo

From initial setup, to home networking, to experiencing the full features of TiVo

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How TiVo Features Stack Up

Not all content is transferable due to copyright protections. Not all functions and features are available on all equipment. Storage space, number of recordings, streaming, Quickmode™ and other features are based on RCN’s six tuner DVR powered by TiVo.

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