Broadcast TV, Sports & Entertainment Network Surcharges

Programming fees paid to networks and sports channels, plus retransmission fees demanded by local broadcasters comprise the largest cost in our business. These fees are growing at an alarming rate - faster than RCN and other distributors can absorb. To help offset just a portion of these rapidly escalating fees, RCN has adjusted the following:

  • Broadcast TV Surcharge of $13.28 applies to all Digital TV packages.
  • Sports Surcharge of $11.54 applies to all RCN cable packages with Signature Digital TV, Premiere and/or Sports Package tiers.
  • Entertainment Networks Surcharge of $12.10 reflects a portion of the rapidly escalating charges demanded by entertainment networks such as AMC, Discovery, Comcast/NBC Universal, Scripps, Viacom, Turner, ABC/Disney/ESPN and others. This surcharge applies to RCN cable packages with Signature Digital TV, Premiere or Movies & Entertainment, News & Information and/or Children & Family tiers.
  • Network Access and Maintenance Fee of $3.17.

We’ll continue working hard to bring you the most advanced services with outstanding customer support, while minimizing operating and programming costs. Led by a customer-focused vision, we’re dedicated to fulfilling your communication, entertainment and information needs.

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