Moving with RCN is easy.

RCN makes it easier than ever to get the best Internet, Digital TV and Phone. With flexible appointment windows, 7 days a week with two-hour windows and great move in offers we’ll have you connected to the entertainment you love before you’ve unpacked.

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You can personalize your home entertainment before you move in with terrific services from RCN.


The TiVo Experience

The find-anything DVR powered by TiVo is a perfect home improvement.

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Connect it all, get it all, do it all with RCN 155 Mbps Internet.

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Take your phone number with you, see who’s calling on your TV and get 17 + features.

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Make your move with RCN!


We’re here to ensure your move is smooth with easy installation of RCN services. Let RCN help make your move easy.


With 2 hour installation windows, simply call us at 1.800.RING.RCN to schedule a convenient appointment time for you. We're here to make your transition as easy as possible.

Before the move

Let others know! Visit the USPS website for a change of address form. Notify your home and auto insurance agents and also utility companies to avoid paying for services you won’t be using.

Your new neighborhood

Contact the local Chamber of Commerce or City Hall to request a new resident package. They have information on places of interest like libraries, parks, where to get a drivers’ license and more. Start early and go online to find new doctors, dentists, veterinarians and other important resources.

Make a list

Before you begin packing, create a record keeping system. On your computer or in a notebook have a list of numbers and an area for box contents. Number your boxes as you go and update the list of contents for each. Track and save receipts for all moving expenses like shipping supplies and hotels.

Consolidate and eliminate

Don’t move what you won’t use. Categorize old items, clothing, toys for the kids and weed out what you no longer need. Donate to local charities, offer your neighbor something they could use or have a yard sale!

Keep a box of essentials

Consider putting together a survival kit so you can camp out in your new home until the moving van arrives. Things like coffee, cups, spoons, soap and towels, flashlight and a first-aid kit are good to have on hand should you need something in a pinch.

Separate your valuables

Keep important papers and documents with you, including birth certificates, your marriage license, deeds, and jewelry. Consider placing valuables in a safe box that will stay with you during transport to your new home.

Home sweet home

You've planned, packed and moved, and you're on your way to your new home. Order pizza and relax for a bit before starting the big unpack.

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