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How do I set up a converter box?

Before reviewing these diagrams, remember the most important thing to remember is that the CONVERTER should ALWAYS be FIRST in ANY configuration. Failure to have the CONVERTER FIRST could result in any 2-way operations (Pay Per View, Video On Demand) not working correctly.

For a detailed view of the set up diagrams, click on the link that describes what you wish to hook up.

Note: If you are connecting a computer that will act as a multimedia center, you may use the "DVR (PVR/TiVo...)" diagram providing that the computer has audio/video output jacks. If it does not (meaning that you will be viewing the TV programs on the computer monitor), the computer will take the place of the TV. See the "Proper Order for Hook Up" guide for more information.

With Converter

  Cable Outlet to Converter to TV
  Cable Outlet to Converter to VCR to TV
  Cable Outlet to Converter to VCR to TV (w/ Stereo hook up)
  A/B Switch Configurations
  Cable Outlet to Converter to HDTV
  Game Console Configuration
  DVD Configurations
  DVR Configurations (PVR, TiVo, Replay TV, etc.)

TiVo Premiere

  Get help for TiVo Premiere

Proper Order for Hook Up

  The proper order for hooking up your audio/video hardware.

Special Note: To receive the full compliment of RCN’s state of the art Digital Cable TV Services, an RCN digital converter box (or RCN CableCARD in applicable devices) is necessary. RCN does not guarantee any RCN Cable TV service without the use of RCN equipment on every TV in the home.


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