Power Cycling Your Modem

Power Cycling Your Modem

If you are having trouble with your Internet connection - try power cycling your modem.

NOTE: Before you power cycle a cable modem:

  • If you have Digital Phone
  • AND are calling from your RCN Digital Phone Line
  • OR a 3rd party VoIP service provider (Vonage, Sun Rocket, etc)
  • Power Cycling the cable modem will disconnect your phone call

Steps to restart your modem:

  1. Shut down any computers or disconnect the power from the router.

  2. Unplug the cable modems power cable from the electrical outlet on the wall, not from the back of the modem (if possible). If RCN Digital Phone service is present remove the battery.

  3. Wait about 60 seconds

  4. Plug the power cable back in to the wall outlet. If you removed the battery in step 2, you may now reinsert the battery.

  5. The power light should light up on the cable modem. If it does not, make sure that there is power to the wall outlet and that the power cable is plugged in all the way on the back of the cable modem and at the wall.

  6. Turn the computer on and/or plug the power back into the router.