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The Software-Defined-WAN

Today’s businesses rely on connectivity and that is even more important for geographically distributed organizations.

Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) is a technology that simplifies the management of various network connections between multiple sites. It puts you in control of your network by allowing you to quickly and effortlessly respond to change.

Its advanced capabilities like cloud based security, network virtualization, analytics and automation ensure you access the full potential of your network. SD-WAN combines unlimited bandwidth, maximum control, and network security giving you the power to customize your network to your needs.

Key Benefits and Results

  • Unlimited Scalability
    Speeds that support any size application from regional to global scale, with the ability to grow your public domain.
  • Fully Automated Management and Monitoring
    Maintain and manage all of your devices from one location.
  • Strong support
    You have peace of mind with our local 24/7 responsive team that will help deploy, manage and troubleshoot services.
  • Resiliency
    SD-WAN affords the use of other sources of Internet without the need for complicated routing expertise to route traffic around congestion points and automatic failover when necessary.
  • Cost Savings
    Lower WAN Capex and Opex by augmenting or even replacing legacy connections with broadband internet services to connect users to applications
Companies looking to extend their broadband connection.

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Speed to market

Unlike larger competitors, RCN Business focuses on rapid installations and upgrades and, as the sole owner of a fiber-rich network, does not rely on third parties to meet deadlines.

Custom, robust solutions

RCN Business takes a consultative approach by first understanding your distinctive needs and delivers a unique solution designed especially for you.

Wholly owned, fiber-rich network delivers superior uptime

Calls travel unencumbered along RCN’s secure network over a continuous connection that means less packet loss and higher reliability. RCN Business operates a sophisticated network with network backbone featuring a smaller node size and robust fiber capacity.

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