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Modern healthcare IT managers have more to consider than ever before. And while the shift to electronic medical records means increased efficiency, it also means increased concerns surrounding patient privacy, data security, and the ability to safely transfer and access high volumes of data across hospitals, labs and doctor’s offices—not to mention entertaining guests and visitors.

Our Healthcare solutions are solving these challenges.

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"We needed a partner that understands the importance of information security and privacy. We feel like RCN does that best."

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As chalkboards and textbooks are replaced with smart boards and tablets, technology’s role in learning is critical for students and faculty alike. Educational institutions are dependent on reliable connectivity and ubiquitous Internet access to support research, daily lessons, file storage and more. Without these abilities, productivity and student success are at risk.

Our Education solutions are preventing these issues.

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“RCN Business was the only provider to be flexible by building out to our multiple locations.”

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In today’s era of constant connectivity, access is no longer a luxury—it’s an expectation. As hotels are looking to improve the customer experience, they’re discovering HD on-demand TV programming and robust channel line-ups are also necessary to remain competitive.

Our Hospitality solutions will keep you ahead of the curve.

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"RCN Business offers a trustworthy experience. Their services are reliable and stable, and offer clear communication with awesome customer service.”

Humphrey A. Granger
Complex Property IT Manager
Sheraton Grand Chicago

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions from banks to brokerage houses, deal with sensitive data as they communicate with customers globally. Firms battle to make fast, secure trades, and banks are now dependent on delivering information through the Internet on multiple devices.

Our Financial Services can help with your communications needs.

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Carrier Services

Carriers need reliable network services to ensure mission critical data is delivered. From video content for programmers and aggregators to mission critical network solutions for wireless operators, RCN Business provides reliable solutions to enable carriers and large enterprises to deliver services and content to their customers.

Leverage our Carrier Services for your success.

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