E-Line (Point-to-Point)

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Securely transmit data between two locations over a private network

E-Line (Point-to-Point)

For businesses that need to connect two locations. This point-to-point Ethernet connection between delivers symmetrical speeds up to 100 Gbps. RCN E-Line service enables businesses to share more data cost effectively.

RCN Business E-Line provides:

  • Transparent point-to-point service for direct connectivity between two locations
  • Direct, mission-critical connection independent of public Internet
  • Performance monitoring tools to validate uptime performance
  • End-to-end network monitoring and 24/7/365 dedicated local support
  • MEF CE 2.0 certified solution
Companies with two locations that need a direct network connection.

Why choose RCN Business E-Line service?

A private line Ethernet solution for mission-critical data

Provides a direct, high bandwidth capacity connection between locations.

Share data and real-time applications with low latency

Offers symmetrical speeds up to 100 Gbps to keep up with today’s applications and network demands.

Communicate over a fiber-rich, wholly-owned network

Delivers superior performance, with redundancy, from a facilities-based provider.

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