RCN Business Solutions Launch Enhanced WiFi for Small Businesses
Powered by eero

New offering provides small-to-medium-sized businesses greater WiFi coverage and an enhanced experience for employees and customers

Princeton, N.J. – October 1, 2019RCN Business Solutions today announced the launch of Enhanced Business WiFi to its suite of offerings for small-to-medium-sized businesses in each of its serviceable markets. The Enhanced Business WiFi, powered by eero’s “TrueMesh” system of multiple access points, allows small businesses access to big business WiFi with a scalable system for greater coverage, public and guest network options, network security and a user-friendly experience for customers and employees.

“In today’s market landscape, customers have come to expect a small business to offer complimentary WiFi. The value we bring to our small business customers allows them to meet this new standard, giving them a competitive advantage,” said Chris Fenger, COO of RCN. “With new Enhanced Business WiFi, Business Solutions customers across our markets will remain ahead of the curve in delivering reliable, customizable, high-speed internet experiences for themselves, their employees and their customers alike.”

Those looking to take their internet service to the next level can upgrade to Enhanced Business WiFi for increased bandwidth and coverage. The service operates on a scalable “TrueMesh” system comprised of multiple access points that communicate with each other to dynamically determine how to pass traffic between connected devices as efficiently as possible and enables coverage to seamlessly travel throughout the building and beyond.

RCN Business Solutions’ Enhanced Business WiFi customers can enjoy improved coverage and performance with the added benefit of eero’s automatic updates, ensuring networks are secure and up-to-date. Additionally, with eero’s user-friendly app, customers are able to manage user profiles, guest networks and advanced settings from anywhere.

To learn more about RCN Business Solutions’ Enhanced Business WiFi offerings, please visit rcn.com/businessWiFi.

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