Connecting Remote Employees To A Virtual Office

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Deliver a Secure, Consistent Network Experience to Remote Employees

A lot of business are struggling with how to transition office employees into remote workers without impacting their collaboration capabilities or productivity. It can be hard, especially for large populations.

Virtual Office: A Secure and Consistent Network Experience for Remote Employees

You've got to source all the hardware, coordinate services, and provide support to hundreds if not thousands of new IT clients. Your team is overwhelmed. But what if there is a way to check all those boxes and condense all those activities into one preconfigured package?

There is, and we call it the Virtual Office. This cloud-based, SD-WAN offering is expressly designed for organizations migrating to or increasing a distributed workforce.

Virtual Office gives IT teams the network access, control, and visibility they require into the work-at-home environment, and remote workers a secure network experience that is as close to being on the corporate WAN as possible. Stop scrambling to find ways to support your remote workforce.

Download our white paper, Virtual Office: A Secure and Consistent Network Experience for Remote Employees, to learn how IT leaders can implement a safe, repeatable, standardized solution that enables organizations to easily deploy a secure remote workforce.