AWS Direct Connect – Bringing Businesses Together

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Improve AWS Performance Through A Direct Connection From RCN

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the undisputed leader in public cloud computing, is in the business of providing a multitude of cloud-based IT services that help organizations of all sizes increase agility, lower expenses, and scale quickly.

Improve AWS Performance Through A Direct Connection From RCN

A simple internet connection is all that is required to access the power of AWS, however enterprises with large data volumes will benefit most from a private, direct connection.

But AWS is not in the business of providing high bandwidth connectivity to its customers.

Rather, an authorized internet service provider like RCN is required as an intermediary to order, install, monitor, and service the fiber connection(s) between the business and an AWS access point.

RCN's AWS Direct Connect Service establishes secure, private connectivity directly between an AWS node and your IT environment—whether that is at an office, data center, or colocation facility.

Download our white paper, RCN AWS Direct Connect Service: Bringing Businesses Together, to learn why AWS is the cloud service provider of choice, and why businesses are choosing to partner with RCN, an AWS Select Tier Consulting Partner, to deploy and support direct high bandwidth fiber connections to the Amazon cloud.