Lehigh Valley International Airport

About Lehigh Valley International Airport (LVIA)

LVIA is a public airport in Allentown, PA serving more than 582,000 passengers each year via general aviation aircraft, regional airlines, major airlines and military flights. The LVIA system also operates Queen City Airport (Allentown) and Braden Airpark (Easton), which provide quick access to destinations in the Lehigh Valley metro area.

“We were impressed not only with the solution provided by RCN Business, but also by their comprehensive plan and the customer service of their knowledgeable staff. They took a proactive approach to meeting our needs and went above and beyond to present the Authority with the best options for network solutions on the market. These new services will allow us to continue our mission of operating safe, efficient and modern airport facilities.”

The Challenge
  • LVIA needed to modernize their facilities by providing reliable data, voice and video services to multiple facilities across the Allentown, PA metropolitan area.
  • The organization required a way to scale bandwidth in the future as the airports’ needs and requirements change
  • LVIA also needed to have visibility into airport operations via its communications solutions
  • The organization wanted to leverage the highest standards of communications technology to improve its customer experiences
  • Via the RCN Business fiber connection, LVIA now has a network that spans across its three locations
  • By leveraging RCN Business DIA, the airport is now able to quickly increase bandwidth as they expand in the future
  • LVIA can now utilize more Internet bandwidth at a greater value due to RCN’s cost effective solution
  • LVIA now has real-time 24x7 visibility into all network operations
  • The deployment of Cable TV and Internet access furthered LVIA’s goal to improve its customer experiences
  • RCN Business Trunks provide LVIA a cost-effective phone service to support its employees, utilizing new features and most important, fail-over capabilities for added reliability