The International Preschools

About The International Preschools

More than 50 years ago, The International Preschools (IPS) were founded to serve the needs of international families connected to the United Nations. Since then, IPS has grown to three locations in vibrant Manhattan neighborhoods, maintaining a consistent curriculum and drawing from the unique character and resources of its nearby community.

“There is no service interruption. That was our main concern and we achieved that. We were looking for reliability and partner flexibility. RCN has accomplished offering that reliability we were looking for.”

The Challenge

IPS turned to RCN to provide phone services and bandwidth for a distributed campus to deliver a progressive classroom learning environment.

  • Fiber-based solution, delivering higher levels of bandwidth and security
  • Easy and reliable access to cloud-based content that can be streamed or downloaded for classroom use
  • Personalized service to meet demanding IT requirements
  • Standardized and easy-to-use phone interface across all campuses
  • Large jump in bandwidth at cost effective price point