GAB Radio Network

About GAB Radio Network

GAB Radio Network, located in Evanston, Il., offers professional radio broadcast technical operations, program distribution services, radio program syndication, and related broadcast production and consulting services. It provides high quality satellite audio distribution to the U.S. radio

“RCN absolutely nailed it better than any other telco I’ve dealt with in my entire career. Their customer service is unparalleled.”

- Chuck Duncan, General Manager, GAB Radio
The Challenge

GAB Radio required six different telecommunication providers to deliver internet connectivity, phone lines, and other communication services. This led to several opportunities for improvement.

  • Network quality. Delivering radio broadcast technical operations to affiliates requires high quality internet connection with little downtime.
  • Speed. The volume of data traversing the network to affiliates requires large bandwidth to ensure proper speeds
  • Account Management. Too much time spent juggling different billing cycles, programs, and cost structures.
  • Reliability and accountability. Constant finger pointing whenever issues arose
  • Disparate legacy networks and technology required a “band aid approach” to manage
  • Selected provider to consolidate and rationalize telecommunication services but several missed deadlines led to an 18 month delay prompting GAB radio to invite RCN to discuss different options.

After carefully considering the requirements with GAB Radio, RCN Business suggested

  • Fiber optic network – provides unlimited bandwidth with optimal connectivity and improved quality
  • Consolidated all telecommunications services under the RCN umbrella and cut over all services within a month
  • Simplified account management with one provider delivering all services
  • Full redundancy ensures improved reliability and disaster recovery ability
  • Cost savings. GAB Radio reduced monthly telecommunication costs by $4,500 per month ($54,000 annually)
  • Speeds up to 100 Gbps, symmetrical upload and download bandwidth
  • Improved reliability – “We have not had one dropped packet since moving to RCN Business. The quality has been phenomenal.” – Chuck Duncan, General Manager, GAB Radio”