Big Geyser

About Big Geyser Inc.

Big Geyser was founded by Irving Hershkowitz, starting out as a small operation and turning into one of the largest distributors of premium non-alcoholic beverages and snacks in the country. They service accounts in all channels of trade throughout the five boroughs of NYC, Westchester, Putnam, Nassau and Suffolk counties. Their portfolio represents some of the largest beverage manufacturers in the world including the Coca Cola Company, Nestle, Campbell’s and Monster Energy. Family owned & operated, their goal is to deliver superior levels of service.

“Since we now have the RCN backbone and Internet circuit to rely on, we can continue to better our technology and grow our business to take us to the next level.”
The Challenge
  • Needed to improve access to virtual servers located across the East River in Manhattan.
  • Required increased Internet bandwidth.
  • Needed a technology partner that delivers great technology solutions and great service.
  • A 100 Mbps Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) line was installed within 3 weeks to Big Geyser headquarters.
  • Network installation was completed according to Big Geyser’s schedule and was a seamless launch.
  • Five months after RCN services was activated, internal processing runs more smoothly and capacity is now in place for expansion.
  • Orders are delivered on time, distribution transactions are up, and the work day is ending earlier for Big Geyser employees.
  • Big Geyser management is now freed from infrastructure worries and planning for growth is in full swing.