Why You Should Get Your Business Verified On Social

5 Steps to Improve Texting Security

Remember that great back-and-forth exchange you had with your childhood Hollywood crush last month on Twitter? Then remember discovering it actually wasn’t the movie star but a 50-year-old unemployed man living in his parent’s basement? Then remember the rush of disappointment, embarrassment and anger you felt about being duped? Well, these kinds of things can happen when a social media account isn’t verified, and we’re not just talking about celebrities. It applies to businesses as well.

Organizations that use social media to promote their businesses need to understand the importance of getting their profiles verified before some random online impersonator promotes a fake offer, makes a horrific statement or in any way misrepresents them. If you haven’t verified your social media account, here are four reasons why you should do it now:

Better safe than sorry. Here are some tips to improve texting security:

1. It let’s customers know it’s really you

We all want to build followers on our social media accounts. The last thing you want to do is make the process of following you difficult in any way, or have them land on a profile they think is yours but isn’t. Having that checkmark or badge of proof next to your name helps users know it’s you, meaning there’s no research or guessing involved for your latest follower.

2. It builds customers’ trust and loyalty

Numbers matter. Having a verified account strengthens your social media presence and helps you build your base...and the greater number of followers you have, the more trust users will have in your account. And if you sell your products and services online, that trust will translate to purchases.

3. It encourages customers to engage

Another benefit that grows out of trust is increased customer engagement. When your followers know you’re genuine, they’re more likely to share or promote your posts. Having your users organically amplify your content is the best way to broaden your reach and get more users to learn about your brand.

4. It’s improves your networking efforts

Social media verification isn’t just a powerful tool for B2C companies. It’s a great platform for B2B companies looking to network with other brands. Having a verified account let’s them know they’re interacting with a bona fide organization and will be more likely to respond to whatever offer or proposal you’re putting in front of them.

The benefits of having your social media accounts verified are numerous but getting it done is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. On top of that, each platform tends to change its requirements whenever issues arise with the old system. The best bet is to check their help centers to get the most up-to-date info.

Verification is all about trust, and when it comes business communications you can count on, look no further than RCN. Contact us today to learn more about our full suite of communications products and services built to help your organization operate more efficiently and productively.