An Insider’s Guide: Why Businesses
Need a High-Speed Connection

Investing in Fast Internet to Service your Customers Better

Take a moment to think about the goals for your business. Did efficiency, profitability, servicing your customers, retaining those customers, and growth come to mind?

While the goals mentioned above apply to any business, the effectiveness varies based on the type of Internet connection. • With today’s technology advancements, if your business isn’t taking advantage of business high-speed Internet, you are letting the opportunities to reach and exceed your business goals pass right by you. A high-speed data connection is vital to allow a business to function efficiently, and the need for high-speed connections will only continue to grow. The demand for bandwidth within businesses is at an all-time high, so let's examine what factors are driving it.

In an office, you can identify at least two devices on an employee’s desk that likely require an Internet connection in order for employees to complete their daily tasks. These devices directly affect employees’ level of productivity and care they can provide to a customer, and thus begins the need for a high-speed data connection. Accessing files quickly through a cloud service like SharePoint, reviewing emails, or using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software application are just some items that would cause an employee's computer to need a high-speed Internet connection.

Another essential piece of IP-enabled technology is the desk phone. Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) allows businesses to make calls using a broadband Internet connection. While a VoIP phone service needs bandwidth when in use, a business must have a reliable Internet service to get the full value out of that technology.

If travel is required, businesses can minimize time away from the office by setting up virtual meetings through a video conferencing system. Web and video conferencing requires a speed of at least 25 Mbps. With the right high-speed data connection, you can count on these sessions to have a constant, crisp, and clear transmission.

In the event that you are thinking about shifting your business away from storing on-site data to an off-site backup option, you’ll want the high-speed Internet connection to quickly synchronize all of your data before emergency strikes. High-speed connections allow you to easily keep copies of your files in the cloud and also enable your workers to access and upload their data to other devices such as laptops, smartphones, and home computers.

Most businesses have networked their computers for one office, but as your company grows, so does your need for enterprise-wide networks that help connect multiple offices within a city or region. A high-speed data connection allows information to free-flow seamlessly in real time, regardless of physical location.

Now that you have perused some factors that would cause businesses to rely on having a high-speed Internet connection for their daily operations, you can see how not having it could negatively affect the bottom line and growth as a business. RCN Business provides reliable business high-speed Internet data for any industry, as well as several scalable technology options to expand and adjust based on the needs of your business. Contact RCN to learn which high-speed Internet tier would work best for your ever-growing business.