Top Three Technology Trends to
Transform Business Communications

To evolve with changing times, businesses of all sizes are staying productive and competitive by being mindful of trends that can support effective business communication. There are several trends that will be making a splash in 2017. The following top three trends are expected to drive the most change in Telecommunications by 2020.

Video Content

Over the last decade, the biggest shift in Internet technology has been the growth of video content. Creating a great video used to be a luxury, only possible for select professionals that had big budgets allowing them to afford the expensive hardware and software. However, as new technology developed, anyone with a smartphone can now produce an HD-to-4K quality video with the help of newer software or varying applications. The ability to create high-quality video content efficiently has resulted in a significant benefit: increased customer acquisition.

According to Cisco, by 2020 global IP video traffic will be 83 percent of all consumer Internet traffic. With that video traffic percentage in mind, Business Insider states that online video ads get the highest clickthrough rate: up to three times more clicks than other digital ad formats.

Internet of Things

Capgemini's Thirty Measurable Business Cases for IoT with Connected Services implies that the Internet-of-Things (IoT) is "profoundly changing the way companies interact with their customers in that it is enabling a post-purchase relationship that did not previously exist." Now, imagine how many IoT devices are currently being used and will be developed. The Internet of Things Report by BI Intelligence forecasts that by 2020, over 34 billion different devices will be connected to the Internet. Of those 34 billion devices, 24 billion are projected to be IoT devices, and the remaining 10 billion are expected to be a blend of smartphones, tablet, smartwatches, and other interface technology.

The large influx of IoT devices will allow companies to gather further data about customer behavior with their products, as well as information regarding product performance. By 2020, billions, or possibly trillions, of new, connected data sources are expected globally. The BI Intelligence report also provides insight concerning the three ways adopting IoT solutions can improve a business’s bottom-line: lowering operating costs, increasing productivity, and allowing the potential to develop new products and expand into new markets.


Businesses have never been immune to cybersecurity threats. Attackers do not discriminate, and if there is profit to be made, they will strike. According to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, cyber attackers are playing the long game against large businesses, and in the last five years, they have shown a steady increase in attacks targeting small businesses. So, what’s a business supposed to do to thwart these attacks and improve their safety and security of critical data? This growing business need calls for a managed security solution. RCN Business Managed Security provides a managed, cloud-based security solution that has a range of advanced security features to help protect your company from cyber threats.

Finding the right technology to support effective business communication can be a challenge, but you now possess insight concerning the top trends that are expected to transform telecommunications. This information gives you the opportunity to plan for the upcoming changes, and with the help of RCN Business, you can be prepared with our host of choices in products, solutions, and contract options.