SD-WAN: Saving IT Teams One Office at a Time

Increase productivity with SD-WAN

Flashback to the time before SD-WAN: days filled with overworked IT teams and carefully assembled servers that loved to spontaneously combust.

Increased virtualization options have ushered in a new way to do business. Servers no longer take a lifetime to build, they can perform simultaneously, and have lead to increased profit, productivity, and improved customer service.

Increase productivity with SD-WAN
Increasing Profit

SD-WAN decreases the number of physical components that need to be bought and replaced on a regular basis. It eliminates the need for expensive routers and firewalls and allows for better bandwidth management. Better bandwidth means there is an option for more virtual worker positions, which decreases the cost of office space and ongoing operational expenses. Many SD-WAN options also supply better bandwidth at a lower cost.

Improve Customer Service

When your customers want to contact you, they want reliable, quality connections. This is particularly true for customers using VoIP to make and take calls. Customers also appreciate the secured connection provided to all their vital applications. For those providing internet access to others as part of their own customer service plan, it allows reliable access from within your location.

Increased Productivity

The most obvious benefit of migrating to an SD-WAN is the ease of provisioning new and existing machines. Add, remove, or upgrade internet or cloud services with one-click deployment. Decrease the number of hours spent on management and maintenance thanks to the ease of deployment, and increase the opportunities your IT team has to improve other aspects of your company.

Re-designing your network to take advantage of available virtualization options such as SD-WAN is the way to more profit, better customer service, and increased productivity throughout your business. SD-WAN provides the flexibility, choice, and scalability to expand your business network easily and at a lower cost. To learn more or to discuss other managed services options, see Why You Should Care About SD-WAN.

SD-WAN Whitepaper

White Paper

So for enterprises with multiple distributed locations – whether regional, national or global – the question is not do we need SD-WAN, but rather, what is the best way to implement SD-WAN? If you would like to learn more about the advantages of SD-WAN, how to tell when you're ready for it, and some tips for the best way to go about implementation, we invite you to download our white paper, The Software-Defined-WAN: A Technology Whose Time Has Come.

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