Finding the Right Phone System
to Maximize Your Business’s Potential

Choosing a phone system for your small business is a vital first step. It serves as the crucial first impression that signifies how serious you are about your business to existing and potential customers. There are many factors to consider when choosing a phone system, and given the importance of the selection, none should be taken lightly. These are engines of efficiency for your business, more than simple lines that sort calls and handle volume. So, with all of that in mind, here are some common things you should think about when choosing a business phone system.

The Basics

Ask the obvious: what are my actual needs? What are my price points? Call clarity and reliability are, undoubtedly, first and foremost, but knowing what you need in raw numbers is equally important. Begin looking for a system with an idea for how many lines you need and whether you’ll be taking and making international calls. And in short: don’t pay for what you don’t need.

Office Mobility

Having a truly connected office means having the ability to access your phone services from different physical spaces. That’s precisely the concept behind RCN Business’s Office Mobility system; giving you the freedom to link to a virtual office from mobile devices or any type of computer.

Call Routing

Business phones must be effective in reaching the intended connection at all times. Whether your small business requires a straightforward phone platform, such as RCN’s Basic package, or the unique interactions of Hosted Voice services, options are available for having your lines managed seamlessly.

Support Services

There’s nothing worse than having a phone system host you are unable to reach when you need help. Fast service and repair times are imperative; when the phones are down, it costs you money. A phone system provider’s ability to perform remote maintenance, as well as provide 24/7 customer support, is mission critical. It is also important that you have a certified technician to deliver an expert-level technical experience.

With RCN, your business phone system will become part of an extensive infrastructure with rapid response, support, and tools that will enable overall efficiency to flourish. The options within our Voice Solutions portfolio, Business Phone with Call Manager, Hosted Voice, and Business Trunks, all allow for different levels of price and flexibility. In short, we don’t want you paying for what you don’t need. Take the next step and connect with RCN, where we understand that phone is still the preferred method of contact for clients, customer, and vendors and is a vital part of your business.