RCN’s Fiber is Wholly-Owned: What Does That Mean for Your Business?

If your business is looking for the ultimate reliable option when it comes to Ethernet, voice, video, or managed services, you need to ask yourself if you’re fiber-rich. While it may seem like a strange question, it is one that should be top of mind for every IT manager of a large enterprise, as your fiber network can directly impact the potential growth of the business.

Fiber networks have existed for years, yet it is still a relatively new concept for many businesses. Fiber can provide significant advantages to organizations of all sizes, particularly those who are looking to use networking, cloud computing, or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to run their business. However, you can strengthen your fiber network by choosing a service provider like us, as we wholly own and locally manage our fiber-rich network. This isn’t the case for many other big-name providers. Let’s review the additional benefits your business would be able to take advantage of when choosing RCN Business.

Scalable Speeds
Your employees will be able to work and collaborate quickly with speeds up to 100Gbps and from there your growth possibilities are endless.

Leave Latency Behind
Don’t worry about irritating delays when conducting your daily work or interacting with your customers. The days of delays with downloads and uploads are in your rearview and productivity lies ahead.

Effective Efficiency
RCN’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs) work with your enterprise business to ensure availability, redundancy, repair, and packet loss.

Strengthen Your Team
Obtain greater productivity within the office and team environment (even when on the go) when you chose wholly-owned fiber network and have your team grow with our 24/7/365 dedicated, local support.

Budget Conscious
A wholly-owned fiber network provides outstanding reliability, but it will also be an affordable solution. It typically costs less to maintain, has less downtime, and requires less networking hardware.

If you are not a part of a wholly-owned fiber network yet, you are missing out on these valuable benefits for your business. Our wholly-owned, fiber-rich network is necessary to effectively run day-to-day operations and won’t leave you disappointed, no matter the size of your business. Contact us to learn more about how fiber can help you maximize your enterprise’s potential.