5 Steps To Better Personalize Your Customer Service

Proven techniques to better serve (and retain) your customers

Proven techniques to better serve (and retain) your customers.

We’ve all experienced bad customer service in one form or another. Maybe we’ve been left on hold and subjected to ten minutes of Muzak. Or having a retail employee say he can’t help you because he’s on a break. Or spent 10 minutes navigating an IVR system only to give the same account information to the person who eventually speaks to you.

Why Personalized Customer Service Is Important

A recent study showed that 66% of consumers blame poor service as the reason they stop doing business with an organization. Whether you're a retailer dealing with consumers in person or a B2B company with a call center, your customers today expect a personal touch when it comes to interactions with your brand. Here are five things you can do to boost your customer service, set your organization apart from your competitors and as a result, increase your profits:

Step 1. Take a human approach

Do you refer to your customers by their first names? Do you know your VIPs’ birthdays? Have you ever sent a customer a hand-written note? These may seem like minor gestures but they can have major impact when it comes to building trust and making customers feel valued. Something as simple as having your call center rep ask how the weather is where they’re calling from or remembering a returning customer’s previous order are great ways to earn their loyalty and repeat business.

Step 2. Start a customer loyalty program

Did you know 69% of consumers say loyalty/rewards programs influence their shopping habits? It’s no surprise, really. Who doesn’t love to get a little special treatment in return for their business? If you haven’t implemented an effective customer loyalty program already, now’s the time. Punch cards, tell-a-friend promos and instant-discount membership cards are simple to run, and digital loyalty programs like LevelUp or Belly even collect data for you, which will help you personalize your marketing efforts.

Step 3. Hook up your VIPs

If you have regular customers or long-standing clients, consider surprising them with a spontaneous discount or special offer that’s just for them. Maybe it’s free shipping on a large order, or—if you own a restaurant—a complimentary dessert or coffee. Or how about inviting some VIPs to an after-hours event or company party? It’s a great way to show them you appreciate their business and also consider them an integral part of your business.

Step 4. Reward customers for their feedback

When a client reaches out to share their experiences and interactions with your company (good and bad), they’re giving you insights that may prove valuable in improving your business operations. Consider rewarding any opinions that lead to changes with a gift card, or at the very least, a thank you email and a shout out on social media.

Step 5. Offer multiple service channels

Live chat. Email. The good, old-fashioned phone call. Everyone has his or her own preference when it comes to how to connect with customer service. Give your clients and customers multiple options so they can personalize their experience with whatever mode of communication they like best.

Personalized service is one the benefits you’ll receive when you choose RCN for your business communications needs. Contact us today to learn more about our full suite of products and services designed to help your organization operate more efficiently and productively.