Office Mobility: 5 Ways to Stay Connected
and Boost Productivity

Staying Connected with Office Mobility

RCN Business Hosted Voice and Business Phone with Call Manager empowers your employees to collaborate whether you’re on the road or between client meetings, your car may be more like your office. This can be difficult when you’re on the phone and in the middle of conversations with important clients or colleagues. The need for a seamless transition between your cell phone and office phone has become even more critical as today’s workforce goes mobile.

With RCN Business Office Mobility you can now make calls from a smartphone or a computer while giving the appearance of operating from your office. How does this work? The app actually enables you to make calls using your RCN Business office phone.

With Office Mobility, you can:

  1. Manage communication between remote employees and vendors
  2. Boost productivity by keeping employees in contact with coworkers, vendors, and customers
  3. Minimize interruptions to stay focused on work with the ability to answer calls right from your computer
  4. Interact with customers in real time on location all while maintaining and improving customer service and satisfaction
  5. Close sales, solve problems, and respond to urgent requests more effectively by enabling employees to work virtually anywhere

RCN Business Hosted Voice and Business Phone with Call Manager

Empower your employees to collaborate more effectively with co-workers, vendors and customers in a timely manner — with a secure, remote connection to their business phone. For more information on the benefits of RCN Business Office Mobility or to get the app today please contact us at 877-726-7000.