How Your Business Can Benefit from Using MEF-Certified Ethernet

As a business owner, you want the Internet service provider that you choose to deliver the most advanced Ethernet services, and with an MEF-certified Ethernet carrier like RCN, that is something you can easily obtain.

An MEF carrier Ethernet certification is awarded to carriers that possess the ability to deliver Ethernet services at a higher quality and reliability than non-certified services. The CE 2.0 certification represents a significant test of functionality and is driven by the rapidly growing market demand for CE 2.0 services.

As an industry leader, RCN possesses the expertise and critical technological knowledge to own, operate, and maintain 100% of our own resilient, fiber-rich network offering redundancy and enhanced performance. RCN’s Business Network Operations Center (NOC) is based in the United States, and we proactively monitor the network activities. Our local technical teams and our devoted account managers are available around the clock to address your business needs 24/7/365, onsite or remote.

Businesses use high-capacity services to operate their daily functions, and, because of this, a business needs an adaptable and flexible Ethernet-based structure. Our Ethernet-based structure can support the growing demand that high-capacity data is driving by the next-generation broadband network upgrades. Our structure allows for fast response times, as opposed to weeks businesses may wait for other providers, quick service connections and a continuous, reliable connection for superior, secure uptime.

Now, you may be thinking that these features sound great, but what kind of Ethernet services does my business need, or do I have the right one in place now? RCN Business offers four different fiber-based Ethernet services.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)
DIA is a scalable Internet connection service that runs over fiber and provides a business with a fast, reliable solution with the flexibility to meet business data requirements.

E-Lan (Multipoint)
An E-Lan Ethernet service allows you to connect a multi-location network through a single Ethernet interface. This service option is a cost-effective alternative to traditional network configurations, while still providing your business speed, reliability, and flexibility.

E-Line (Point-to-Point)
Point-to-Point Ethernet connectivity puts a direct, high-capacity connection between two networks, bringing enterprise locations even closer. We provide a superior alternative to old, copper-based networks. RCN E-Line service enables businesses to share more data cost effectively.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
By leveraging your businesses cloud with AWS, this enables office locations and data centers to connect directly through a dedicated point-to-point, fiber-based E-Line connection.

We are committed to investing and innovating our network as well as seeking certifications to improve our business customers’ experience. By having MEF-Certified Ethernet paired with the RCN Business wholly-owned fiber network, it puts the organization’s service above the rest. Learn more about the RCN Business wholly-owned fiber network.